Sometimes We All Need A Helping Hand

We’ve been asking a number of our swimming families to let us know all the things they wish someone had told them when they first started swimming.  And there is a lot of stuff !!  So we’ve decided to introduce a new section on our website – “Sometimes we all just need a helping hand”.  In this section, we’ll aim to demystify the peculiarities of swimming.

Each month, we’ll share a Vlog or a Blog, designed to help you understand some of the quirks of this great sport.  We’ll be covering things such as: what gear you need; what you can expect from your first swim meet; what actually are XLR8 points; and how do you enter a swim meet online.  If there’s something else you think we need to clarify, please let us know!

In this series of Vlogs Euan Eckett from specialty store Swim T3 shares knowledge about swimming gear.

Vlog #1 covers everything you’ll need in your first gear bag.


Vlog #2 Euan covers everything you need to know about FINS.


In this video Alison Fitch, Swimming Waikato Board Member talks about the Swimming Waikato XLR8 Achievers Club.  More information can also be found by clicking here