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February 2018

Trainer of the Week

The Trainer of the Week is another new Swimming Waikato initiative.  It's about acknowledging a swimmer at each Club who has put in an awesome week of training.  They've turned up on time, carried out their dryland warm up and have had plenty of food to fuel their training.  They're focused and they've given 110% at each session.

The weekly recipient of the Award is chosen by the Club Coach and is presented with a "Trainer of the Week" kick board which he/she gets to train with until the next award ceremony.  But first, the deserved swimmer gets to write their name, in permanent marker, on the kick board - so it's like a floating honours board. By the end of the year, it'll carry the names of all the swimmers who have received this Award.

We've sent information about this initiative to our Coaches and we're hoping to see our "Trainer of the Week" initiative being used extensively throughout our Clubs during 2018.

Our Coach Development Pathway

Our updated Strategic Plan has a big focus on delivering swim teacher and coach development opportunities so that we can support our coaches and swim teachers to deliver fantastic programmes to the swimmers within their clubs.

Over the past month, we've looked closely at the coach education programmes available through Swimming New Zealand and the New Zealand Swim Coaches and Teachers Association (NZSCTA); we've undertaken an honest review of what we have delivered over the past two years; and we've identified a number of gaps in the information that is readily available for our coaches and swim teachers.

As a result, we've developed a Swimming Waikato Coach Development Pathway that offers opportunities for our coaches and swim teachers to develop skills and knowledge in the areas of real relevance for them.

The Pathway includes the delivery of SNZ Qualifications, access to online education modules, clinics, mentoring and scholarships.  The starting point in our Pathway is the Teacher of Competitive Strokes Course (TOCs).   Once that qualification is achieved, it opens the door for a wide variety of development opportunities and support.

Click here to read more about our Coaches Pathway is attached – if you’re interested in jumping aboard, please contact Darren –


Is your Club doing something pretty innovative?

Growing a successful and sustainable swimming club can, at times, be challenging, especially when committees are wrestling with problems that may seem unique to their club.  In reality, many of our clubs have very similar challenges and many are solving their challenges in new and creative ways.

At Swimming Waikato, we love sharing and celebrating all the tiny steps and wins along the way,  so we are giving all our clubs the opportunity to share their ‘best practice stories’ with us.  These case studies will be a great way to showcase the fun and creative ways that our clubs are overcoming everyday challenges and share the new initiatives being implemented around our region.

The best practice success stories will provide insights and inspiration, together with detailed actions that clubs have taken to overcome challenges so everyone can learn and benefit from experience.  It’s also a great way to promote your club and share your success stories with stakeholders.

Our aim is to share as many stories as possible so if you have a best practice story to share, please complete the Swimming Waikato ‘Sharing your best practise’ questionnaire which is attached and sent it to

These case studies will be published on our website and a copy will be given to the club to post on their website and to share with their stakeholders.


SNZ Meet Updates - Div II and NZSS

A couple of important meet updates from Swimming New Zealand -

2018 Division 2 Championships –
Rotorua Aquatic Centre
18th March - 21st March 2018

The “IM Rule” –  “Swimmers must have achieved a qualifying time in the 100m, 200m or 400m IM to be eligible to enter this meet (They do not need to enter an IM, they only need to meet the qualifying time). Any swimmers that haven’t met this criteria once entries have closed will be removed from the meet.”

After consultation with the Events Advisory Committee and coaches we have decided to suspend this rule immediately pending a review into its intended purpose.

Qualifying times will not change and all swimmers shall only enter qualified events.

2018 New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships.

The venue for this meet has been confirmed as the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre, Kilbirnie.

The meet will be Short Course (25m)

Dates: September 13th – 16th 2018 (we will be adding a Thursday night session)

More information will be released in March. (Events schedule, qualify times etc)

We're purchasing Backstroke Ledges

We've identified a fantastic Backstroke Ledge product - check out the website here -

Our Hub Coach, Darren Ward, has used this product extensively overseas and has said it's a fantastic option for backstrokers.  Plus it's built to FINA regulations so we can use them at all our swim meets.

Our plan is to purchase ten of these and seeing they are able to be used with any block, we'll be able to loan them to our Clubs to use at their Club hosted swim meets also.

We'd like to offer our Clubs an opportunity to purchase a backstroke ledge.  Purchasing a ledge for your club would provide your swimmers with an opportunity to train using these ledges and at a cost of NZ$ 510 each, it's a cost effective option.  If you would like to purchase a ledge (or two), please email

Meet Entry Fees for 2018/19

The Board of Swimming Waikato annually reviews its meet entry fees, taking into account both the cost of hosting, and the focus on keeping meets as affordable as possible for our swimmers and their families.

The meet entry fees for the 2018 / 2019 season have been set at -

Meets without prize money / medals:   $8.25 per event

Meets with prize money / medals:  $$9.25


Our new approach to Waikato Championship Meets

As you’ll be aware, we have always applied one ‘age as at’ date for our annual Championship meets.  These meets are –

  • Distance Champs
  • Reverse Distance Champs
  • Junior Champs
  • Senior Champs

The 'age as at date' changes each year to align with the date of our first championship meet of the season and as a result, we have a different group of swimmers who are affected (both positively and negatively) by the changes in the ‘age as at’ date each year.

After much discussion, we have decided that going forward, we will follow the lead from other sports and adopt one date annually as our  ‘age as at’ date for all our championship meets, regardless of when the meets are held.

This will take effect from the start of the 2018/19 swimming season and the date will 31 December.

Apologies to those swimmers who feel they have been unfairly impacted in the past, however, we are confident that having a standardised  ‘age as at’ date will clarify this issue for our swimmers going forward.

Any questions, please just ask.

A tribute to Dawn Davidson

Last week, we lost a very special member of our swimming community.  Dawn Davidson was a long time supporter of swimming in the region, and a Life Member of Swimming Waikato.

We asked another of our life members, Merle Jonson, to share her memories of Dawn ...

"I cannot actually remember when I first crossed paths with Dawn but it would have been at least forty five years ago when we were both young mums with kids in swimming.

Dawn for many years was the learn to swim teacher at Otorohanga where she also coached the various squad levels as well as holding down a full time teaching position at Otorohanga College.  She always had an eye out for someone to assist in the learn to swim area and has tutored many people to join her during the years.

She was a very competent and efficient technical official and spent many hours encouraging others to take part in this very worthwhile experience as well as officiating at Waikato, National and International meets both in our area and around New Zealand.

For many years she was the backbone of the Otorohonga Swimming Club and represented that club well at all Swim Waikato meetings.  Dawn has held many positions on Swim Waikato and has represented Waikato Learn to Swim at a National Level.  She was a Waikato Delegate to New Zealand Swimming meetings on several occasions and was always upfront and forthright in her views.

“Aunty Dawn” as she was affectionately known will be remembered as a very loyal Swim Waikato advocate and participant in all the many aspects of our wonderful sport.

Go well Dawn may you Rest in Peace!"
Merle Jonson
Life Member
Swimming New Zealand


You don't need all the bells and whistles to make a difference.

Rochelle Fineanganofo, Team Manager for the Hukula Swim Club brought a team of six swimmers from Tonga to attend meets in NZ including our Hamilton Summer Meet.  We caught up with her to find out more about this club which is based in Nuku'alofa.

Rochelle is a founding member of the Hukula Swim Club, we asked her what had inspired her to start a swim club in Tonga.

“I was born in Australia and my children learnt to swim there.  Whilst holidaying in Tonga my children rescued people from the water, even though they were very young themselves.  I was pleased that they had the skills to do that.”  She decided that if they ever moved to Tonga she would have to do something to raise the level of water awareness to save more lives.

It all fell into place when she made the move to Nukalofa in 2010.  Rochelle and her husband founded the Hakula Swim Club to actively promote water safety skills and provide a place where children could learn to swim.

Even though Tonga is surrounded by water, Rochelle explained that people just don’t swim.  “There isn’t a word for swimming in the Tongan language.  When you get your feet wet or are sitting with your feet in the water it’s classed as swimming.  ‘Kakau’ is the word that is used but it is also the same word used for ‘shower’.  Swimming is tabu, it’s an attitude that is slowly changing with time but Aunties will still say “you’ll get sick if you go in the water”,  so swimming is not encouraged and as a result there are a lot of drownings.  Many get washed out from the reefs or get caught in rips.  There are places in town where children might get in the water but often get out of their depth.  The problem is a lack of water awareness” said Rochelle.

The club runs a busy Learn to Swim school and currently has 15 competitive swimmers.  Many of the children that come to the swim school have had ‘near drownings’ and their parents have brought them along to learn to swim.  They all become confident swimmers, and many are now ‘passing it forward’ and teaching at the swim school.

The club swims in a Naval Base boat harbour/lagoon in the mornings and in a 15m hotel pool in the afternoons.  They usually swim twice a week but leading into an overseas competition they will train 4 times a week.

The harbour is tidal, at low tide it’s about waist deep but at high tide it’s too deep for the younger swimmers.  The club built a pod for the little ones, so they can teach regularly no matter what the tide was doing.  Each morning they have to swim the lane ropes out and the harbour accommodates 5 lanes.  They can only practice diving at high tide and the pontoon does rock around quite a bit says Rochelle.  They are not able to practice backstroke starts and there are no flags to help judge turns.  When the swimmers do attend a meet with good facilities and dive blocks they usually get good times.  At the Summer Meet Mosese Fineaganofo got a 21 second PB in the 200m backstroke.  “All the swimmers did really well in their backstroke events this year”, said Rochelle.

Hukula Pod


Some of the competitive swimmers travel overseas twice a year, visiting NZ and Fiji to attend meets.  The club is constantly fundraising to make this happen and every little bit helps.  They put on a BBQ every Saturday outside the local shopping centre.  “We don’t sell soft drinks, we have coconuts to help promote healthy alternatives.”

“Once the children are old enough we have various challenge days to raise money. We do swims out to an island, it’s about 1.2km, 1.3m at low tide and 1.6m at high tide.  Sometimes we give them a 2-hour block and we see how many laps they can swim.

“Maybe we have made a little bit of a difference promoting water safety and have given children opportunities.”

Iki Tuitavake from the Hukula Swim Club qualified and went to the Youth Commonwealth Games in the Bahamas last year.

Rochelle and the Hakula Swim Club certainly prove that you don’t need all the bells and whistles, but with consistent effort and committment small swim clubs can making a difference.


Rochelle with her two children.

You can follow the Hukula Swim Club on FaceBook  Click Here


Psych Sheets for the Zonal Juniors

Here are the psych sheets for the 2018 Zonal Juniors. Take plenty of pool side snacks and activities, it's going to be a massive few days.

We're lucky to have Angela Bourke (from St Peter's) acting as our Regional Manager, and our Hub Head Coach, Darren Ward, will be wandering around pool deck too - make sure you introduce yourselves.

Good luck everyone!

January 2018

120 Juniors to represent the Waikato

It's just over two weeks until our 120 strong Waikato Team heads to the 2018 Aquaknights Zonal Juniors meet and we're excited to be able to announce the team here.

Good luck to all these swimmers and we look forward to seeing some fantastic results from this meet.

Congratulations Hannah

After a great showing at the Australian Open Water Champs, St Peter's Hannah Blackwood has been selected into the New Zealand Team for the 2018 World Junior Open Water Championships in Israel in September.

An awesome and very well deserved reward for Hannah and we wish her all the very best as she prepares for this event.

Open Water Results

Check out the full results from the 2018 NZ Open Water Champs - some great results from our Waikato Swimmers.

2018 NZ Open Water Champs

2018 kicks off with the New Zealand Open Water Champs which are being held in Taupo during the weekend of the 13th and 14th of January.  Check out the 31 swimmers from the Waikato who are taking part.  Good luck you lot !!

Madison Chapman Ace Swimming Club
Danyon Hardie Ace Swimming Club
Carlos Hardie Ace Swimming Club
Claudia Ashby Fairfield Swimming Club
Libby Cumming Fairfield Swimming Club
Lucy Farrell Fairfield Swimming Club
Ella Kennedy Fairfield Swimming Club
Hamish Kennedy Fairfield Swimming Club
Jaxyn Mihaka Fairfield Swimming Club
Kaitlyn Sosa Fairfield Swimming Club
Maddison Williams Fairfield Swimming Club
Jordyn Williams Fairfield Swimming Club
Hannah Knighton Hillcrest Swim Club
Jordan Rogers Matamata Swim Club
Dominic Fawkner St Paul's Swimming Club
Thomas Griffin St Paul's Swimming Club
Ben Littlejohn St Paul's Swimming Club
Sarah Miller St Paul's Swimming Club
Sam Ratima St Paul's Swimming Club
Charlize Tordoff St Paul's Swimming Club
Ciaran Watson St Paul's Swimming Club
Hannah Blackwood St Peter's Swimming Club
Moira Hunt St Peter's Swimming Club
Luke Mitchell St Peter's Swimming Club
William Prescott St Peter's Swimming Club
Thomas Raymond St Peter's Swimming Club
Maxwell Stubbs St Peter's Swimming Club
Tyler Tapper St Peter's Swimming Club
Caleb Thomas St Peter's Swimming Club
Shay Dickson Te Awamutu Swim Club
Keegan Dufty Thames Swim Club


December 2017

Best wishes for a safe and happy Christmas

Just a quick note from the team at Swimming Waikato - to say thanks to everyone who is involved in swimming in our region.  Your enthusiasm, commitment and passion for swimming is a key reason why there's a bit of a buzz in the water in the Waikato !

We're looking forward to a great 2018 which kicks off with the arrival of our Hub Coach Darren Ward, and our Waikato Senior Championship meet which is part of our Hamilton Summer Meet.  Then the upgrade to Waterworld and the roll out of a few new initiatives that we're not quite ready to tell you about !

But before all this kicks off, we're sending our best wishes for a safe and happy Christmas to you, your families and your friends.

And in case you haven't seen it, click here for a wrap of our Very Merry Christmas Meet movie.

Kind regards

Cherie and Nanette, and our Board - Sean Lewis, Susan Barriball, Aly Fitch, Gavin Ion, Julie Richards and Craig Thomas


Swimming Auckland to ban Technical Swim Suits for junior swimmers

Here's a note from Swimming Auckland, advising of their decision to ban Technical Swim Suits for junior swimmers and their rationale behind this decision.

The Board of ASA has been in discussion for most of the year in regards to the use of Technical Swim Suits by Junior Swimmers.

After much deliberation and research, the Board of ASA has decided to restrict the use of Technical Swim Suits by competitors 12 years of age and under at ALL Auckland Championship, Level and Club meets.

This restriction will take effect as from 01st July 2018.

Technical suits will still be able to be worn by ASA 12/U swimmers at SNZ meets i.e. Junior Festival, Div II and NAGS.

A Technical Swim Suit is one that has bonded seams, kinetic tape or meshed seams.

Only swim suits that have all stitched seams will be permitted to be worn.

Swimming Victoria and Southern California have both introduced Tech Suit restrictions for Junior Swimmers and NCAA has also restricted the use of Tech Suits at dual college meets. Other regions in New Zealand are also in discussions around this.

Our sport is already expensive to participate in and the cost of technical suits makes them unattainable for many families. We do not want to add any extra financial pressure on parents with unnecessary purchases.

Technical swim suits are not designed for young swimmers. The manufacturers design these suits for older athletes. One of the main benefits of wearing a technical suit is for muscle compression. Children, who are not yet developed, are not impacted by this benefit. Swimmers cannot ‘grow into’ these suits.

Our aim is to build mentally-strong swimmers, confident in their own ability and training ethic rather than an athlete depending on a technical suit to get an improved result. There is no documented evidence that supports performance benefits of technical suits for athletes 12 years and under.

Further information and detail will come out in the New Year.

November 2017

2017 Junior Aquaknights Tri-Series

Exciting news - the 2017 Junior Aquaknights Tri-Series being hosted by Swimming Bay of Plenty, from the 9th to the 11th of December.  This event is a real highlight on our annual calendar, and we'd like to congratulate the following swimmers from the Waikato who have been selected to take part.  Swimmers are still confirming their availability but we think their selection is worth celebrating -

Ace Swimming Club -
Caleb Parsons
Carlos Hardie
Sarah Wilson

Fairfield Swimming Club -
James-Hardy Rorimpandey
Jordyn Williams
Kelly Lewis

Hillcrest Swimming Club -
Emma Maultsaid
Hannah Morgan

Huntly Swimming Club -
Jack Bruning

St Paul's Swimming Club -
Charlize Tordoff
Laura Littlejohn
Ryan Stokes
Sarah Miller
Thomas Griffin

St Peter's Swimming Club -
Caleb Thomas
Eve McCormack
Fin Conchie
Holly Isaac
Kaitlyn Heaslip
Megan Blackwood
Rylee Britton
Tyler Tapper
William Crofskey

Thames Swimming Club -
Reid McDowell

October 2017

Waterworld Upgrade

No doubt you’ve seen in the newspaper and on social media that the Hamilton City Council have approved a significant redevelopment at Hamilton’s Waterworld.

A big part of the redevelopment will be the upgrade of the air filtration system, the network of pipes which support the pool operation, and the installation of new acoustic tiles.  What this all means from a swimming perspective is cleaner air, less noise, flash new floor coverings, new racing blocks and a deeper pool (1.4m at each end and 1.55m in the middle).  This is fantastic news for swimming in the region and although we will all experience some inconvenience while the pool is closed, we’ll end up with a quality competition pool with some of the best spectator seating in the country.

At this stage, we expect the pool to be closed from 1 February for a period 5-6 months (to be confirmed).  We’ll keep you up to date as this project progresses.

We need more Technical Officials

We’re on the hunt again – there’s no other way to say it, we need more Technical Officials.

As our swimmers progress through the different stages of our swim meets, they become more and more focussed on swimming personal best  times and qualifying for target meets.  And our Technical officials play a key role in supporting this swimming pathway.  Without the required number of Technical Officials on pool deck for our Festival, XLR8 and Regional meets, the meets won’t be approved and our swimmers won’t be able to use those swims as qualifying times.  That’s why we’re always asking for more technical officials – so we have the opportunity to develop our current group of officials, and train a whole bunch of new ones.  It means our swim meets will be approved by Swimming New Zealand, and our swimmers will get to celebrate their swimming goals.  Currently, we have 38 qualified Technical Officials which means we need most of them to attend every swim meet that we host.  It’s a huge ask, particularly as many of them no longer have swimmers involved in our sport.  If we can grow our base of Technical Officials, we can spread the load across all the meets that are hosted in the Waikato each year.

What we need is for each Club to have a minimum of one technical official for every four competitive swimmers.  It sounds a lot – but in reality, it means we can rotate officials during our two day swim meets, give our officials a break during meets, and even give them weekends off !   So please – as a swimming parent, consider joining our family of Technical Officials and help us deliver quality swimming opportunities to our members.  We provide all the training (and a flash Waikato shirt) – all we need from you is an email to say you’re keen, and we’ll get your training underway.

Click HERE for more information about our Technical Officials.

Hi from Darren Ward, our new Hub Coach

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you all and to express my eagerness to take up the role of Swimming Waikato's Hub Coach in early 2018.

There are a number of factors that attracted me to Swimming Waikato - one being the enthusiasm of those who, along with Clive and Cherie, decided to challenge the norm and to take a chance on a new concept. I have been encouraged by the Hub, its vision for the future and the long-term planning to make these visions a reality. It is, for this reason, I believe the Hub can match my own ambitions and drive.

I have every confidence that the region has the talent pool and resources to produce exciting waves of competitive swimmers, these athletes should be expected to challenge themselves and their competitors on the Worlds biggest stages. It will require an incredible amount of hard work, dedication, resilience, and self-belief on the part of Swimming Waikato, individual club management, club coaches, parents, and of course the swimmers themselves, to reach these ends.

Swimming is a discipline that brings multiple benefits to those that participate, many of whom wish to remain non-competitive. The beauty of a swimming pathway is that it should combine the goals of each participant and as such it will be my goal to ensure we promote and support the goals of all swimmers, regardless of ability, age or sex.

From now until January, I will continue as I have been to liaise with both Clive and Cherie in order to be up to date with the all the appropriate updates. I have also passed on my details to all club coaches to discuss any matters that they wish to raise, a thank you to all those who coaches who have already been in touch.

I look forward to working alongside the individual clubs, coaches swimmers and all stakeholders in the new year. Until then I hope the remainder of 2017 is productive and that your days are warmer and drier than mine here in Scotland.

Best wishes
Darren Ward

A NZSC Champs overview from Fairfield Swimming Club


17 swimmers proudly represented Fairfield Swimming Club recently at the New Zealand Short Course Champs in Auckland.

We are very pleased to say that Fairfield finished 5th club overall out of 81 competing clubs.

Within this group we had 4 rookies competing at their first National event, so a big experience for them - well done to Ella, Kelly, James-Hardy and Calib. We also had Bradlee and Jesse who train with High Performance squad representing us as well.

A big congrats to the rest of the squad - Claudia, Andrew, Sophie, Peyton, Jaxyn, Hamish, Michiel, Jessica, Kaitlyn S, Maddison and Jordyn for your superb efforts. The whole squad supported all swimmers cheering from the sidelines with great enthusiasm- it’s a wonder some had a voice afterwards.

There were many PBs attained with all swimmers giving their utmost in their events with some our swimmers making open finals in some of their events.

Acknowledgment to the follow swimmers for their results:

Andrew Jeffcoat - A Gold and 2 Silver age group medals. He swam 7 events and made finals in all 7. Most impressively he had a 100% PB rate.

Jordyn Williams - 4 Bronze Age group medals

Jesse Reynolds - 2 Gold, 5 Silver and a Bronze

Bradlee Ashby- 8 Gold, 5 Silver Open Medals and a NZ record.

Many thanks to our Head Coach Ken for his ongoing support of all our swimmers. And to Jane and Maree who gave their time to Team Manage our team for the week.


2017 NZ Short Course Champs ... a summary from Ace

Ace Swimming Club arrived back from the New Zealand Short Course Championships held on the North Shore of Auckland after a successful week of competition.

It has been a time of renewal on two fronts for the Hamilton club that are the only year round residents at the Waterworld pool in Te Rapa. Firstly, this month saw the arrival of a new director of coaching for the club, Paul Dowey. Secondly, the announcement made by Hamilton Pools and Hamilton City Council for the $10 million upgrade of the Te Rapa facility.

However the changes have seemed to have only had a positive impact upon the 7 athletes that made the commitment to travel and compete on the North Shore. The resilience of this current bunch of Ace athletes has been noted; Kayla Ansley, Maddie & Jess Chapman, Sarah Wilson, Carlos & Danyon Hardie and Caleb Parsons all took part in the meet. Over 56% of their races were personal bests.

Medals for age groups were presented from results in the morning heats whilst the evenings saw athletes compete against an ‘Open’ age range from all around New Zealand. The team took home 5 age group medals (2 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze). There were 25 swims from 5 athletes that ranked inside the top 10 for their age groups. There were 13 finals (A2, B4, D7) from 4 Open finalists.

“All the swimmers did well especially those who made finals.” said Director of Coaching at Ace Swimming Club, Paul Dowey. “However Danyon Hardie deserves a special mention.” he said. Danyon took 4 medals for his 16yr age group. Two gold medals in the 200 & 400 IM events, silver in the 1500m freestyle and a bronze in the 100 IM. He placed 8th & 6th respectively overall in New Zealand in his 200m & 400 IM events, a great result. In true sibling style, the other medal winner was younger brother Carlos who took home a bronze medal in the 1500m freestyle.

“The club is always open to new members.” said assistant coach Abbie Armstrong. “If we have inspired the ‘Olympian within’ come and try us out.” Ace is an an ideal accompaniment to your current learn-to-swim programme. If you can swim 25m on your back and front Ace Swimming Club are keen to hear from you. Take your swimming further and get in touch via email or see us on poolside from 3:30pm each weekday at Te Rapa Waterworld, Hamilton.

2017 NZ Short Course Champs - a Hillcrest perspective

Not on Facebook ?  Here's an awesome overview of all of Hillcrest Swimming Club's thrills and spills from the 2017 New Zealand Short Course Champs ...

#NZSCC17 - The final morning session over and it was the longest one yet! The girls finished their morning swims and then waited through the 1500's to compete in the 4 x 100 Medley Relay. We had another swimmer getting on to the podium with Grace taking GOLD in the 200 Fly. Last session is tonight!

Session 9 Recap:
- Emma placed 27th.
- Gina placed 9th and qualified for the 'D' Final.
- Grace with a 0.54s PB to win GOLD and qualify TENTH for the 'A' Final.
- Amber with a 1.05s PB to place 6th and qualify for the 'D' Final.
- Amber with a 0.07s PB to place 11th.
- Hannah placed 28th.
- Gina, Hannah, Grace, and Amber dropped 0.85s off their seed time to WIN their heat and go into tonight ranked 2nd with the final heat to go.

#NZSCC17 - The penultimate night of racing done and dusted! Just the two girls raced tonight with Gina swimming three times and Grace swimming twice. TWO more medals to add to the collection including another Open BRONZE! One more day, two more sessions to go!

Session 8 Recap:
- Gina with a 1.96s PB to get a BRONZE medal in the Open 'A' Final, and reset her WAIKATO RECORD.
- Grace placed 5th in the 'B' Final.
- Gina placed NINTH in the 'A' Final.
- Grace placed 9th in the 'B' Final.
- After the final heat tonight, Gina came away with a SILVER medal.
- After the final heat was raced tonight our team of Grace, Hannah, Amber, and Gina came 14th overall.

#NZSCC17 - PHEW what a tough morning! All the big races were today but the girls gritted their teeth and finished strong. In the end we came away with 2 Gold Medals, 5 other top-10 finishes, 2 'A' Finals, and 3 Waikato Records. We also said goodbye to Stella who finished the meet with 100% PB's!

Session 7 Recap:
- Amber took 3.37s off her PB to place 9th.
- Gina won GOLD, set a new WAIKATO RECORD, and qualified SIXTH for the 'A' Final.
- Grace with a 7.23s PB to place 4th and qualify 8th in the 'B' Final.
- Briony placed 10th.
- Stella with a 0.47s PB to place 17th.
- Hannah placed 14th.
- Gina with a 2.55s PB to win GOLD, break the age group WAIKATO RECORD, break her first OPEN WAIKATO RECORD, and qualified SEVENTH in the 'A' Final.
- Briony placed 17th.
- Grace placed 5th and qualified 3rd for the 'C' Final.
- Amber placed 9th.
- Emma with a 10.37s PB to win her race and place 14th.
- Grace, Hannah, Amber, and Gina took 2.16s off their seed time to finish 3rd in their heat and head into tonight in 4th place with the final heat to be swum.

#NZSCC17 - Not too many PB's but a lot of finals tonight! We had a few swimmers bumped up so had six finals being swum including an 'A' Final for Gina. We've said goodbye to the boys while the girls have their toughest day yet with the 400 IM, 100 Fly, 200 Back, 800 Free, and 4 x 50 Free Relay all on tomorrow. Good luck to you all!

Session 6 Recap:
- Gina came NINTH in the 'A' Final.
- Grace WON the 'D' Final with a 2.15s PB.
- Amber placed 7th in the 'D' Final.
- Logan placed 10th in the 'C' Final.
- Thomas placed 8th in the 'D' Final.
- Gina placed 6th in the 'B' Final.
- Gina, Hannah, Amber, and Grace placed 12th overall after the final heat was swim tonight.

#NZSCC17 - We're at the halfway point, and our little club from Hamilton is performing better than ever! After last night we're ranked inside the top 20 clubs based on points, which is a big improvement on our 30th placing last year. More medals, more PB's, and more Waikato Records to add to the collection from today with the boys making their first finals session too! Let's keep the ball rolling, go Hillcrest!

Session 5 Recap:
- Amber with a 1.25s PB to place 10th.
- Grace with a 0.56s PB to place 9th.
- Gina with a 0.54s PB to take SILVER, break the WAIKATO RECORD, and qualify for the 'B' Final.
- Hannah placed 29th.
- Thomas with a 7.10s PB to place 9th and qualify for the 'D' Final.
- Logan with a 2.99s PB to place 6th and qualify for the 'C' Final.
- Hannah placed 16th.
- Gina with a SILVER medal, another WAIKATO RECORD, and qualify for the 'B' Final.
- Gina, Hannah, Grace, and Amber took 0.67s off their seed time to WIN their heat and are ranked 2nd with the final heat to be swum tonight!

#NZSCC17 - We started Session 4 off with a bang in the 200 IM! In the 'A' Final, Gina bagged our first Open medal of the meet as she was pipped for silver by 0.08s to take BRONZE! It was a big PB and another Waikato Record to add to the collection! Grace kept the momentum going with another PB in her final too! Hannah and Gina rounded off our evening in the 50 Breast and 400 Free. Looking forward to getting back into relays tomorrow!

Session 4 Recap:
- Gina dropped 2.45s off her morning time to take BRONZE medal in the 'A' Final. Re-breaking her WAIKATO RECORD in the process!
- Grace dropped 1.16s from her morning time to take 7th in the 'C' Final. 3.32s taken off overall.
- Hannah placed 7th in the 'C' Final.
- Gina placed NINTH in the 'A' Final.

#NZSCC17 - Another wicked morning for Hillcrest with 9/15 personal bests, 2 medals (1 Gold, 1 Silver), 2 Waikato Records, 2 'A' Finals, and Top-10 finishes for Gina, Hannah, Grace, Thomas, Stella, and Amber. Hannah even managed to come within 0.07s of a bronze medal with a broken cap after it snapped putting it on! Way to show some resilience!

Session 3 Recap:
- Logan with a 0.07s PB to place 21st
- Briony placed 23rd
- Amber with a 0.35s PB to place 11th
- Gina won GOLD, set a new WAIKATO RECORD, and qualified FIFTH for the 'A' Final.
- Grace with a 2.16s PB to place 6th, and qualified for the 'D' Final
- Stella with a 1.20s PB to place 18th
- Hannah placed 32nd
- Grace with a 0.13s PB to place 9th
- Amber placed 10th
- Thomas with a 0.98s PB to place 8th
- Logan placed 18th
- Hannah placed 4th in her age group and qualified for the 'C' Final.
- Stella with a 4.11s PB to get 9th
- Emma with a 3.58s PB to get 15th
- Gina with a 0.08s PB to get SILVER, break another WAIKATO RECORD, and qualify EIGHTH for the 'A' Final!

#NZSCC17 - Four finals tonight from our team with Gina, Hannah, and Grace in action. Finals means more bright clothing by the looks! We also had our medals presented from age group finals this morning!

Session 2 Recap:
- Gina TENTH in the 'A' Final.
- Gina 7th in the 'B' Final.
- Hannah going 0.03s faster than this morning to place 4th in the 'D' Final. 0.56s taken off overall.
- Grace took another 0.07s off from this mornings PB to win the 'C' Final. 0.68s taken off overall.
- The girls ended up 12th overall after the final heat was swum tonight. Well done girls!

#NZSCC17 - A great first morning for Hillcrest with THREE medals (1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze), an 'A' Finalist, TWO Waikato Records, and a PB rate over 70%! It must have been down to Gina's 70's inspired get up and the support of new 'club mascot' Herbie the Octopus. Looking forward to what these guys produce over the remainder of the week! Stay tuned!

Session 1 Recap:
- Stella with a 3.15s PB for 10th place.
- Emma with a 2.18s PB for 15th place.
- Gina with a 1.35s PB for SILVER medal, TENTH in tonight's 'A' Final, and a new WAIKATO RECORD!
- Thomas 15th in his age group.
- Logan 14th in his age group.
- Hannah with a 0.53s PB for the BRONZE medal and a place in tonight's 'D' Final.
- Gina won the GOLD medal, qualified for tonight's 'B' Final, and broke another WAIKATO RECORD!
- Grace with a 0.61s PB for 5th in her age group and qualified for tonight's 'C' Final.
- Amber with a short course PB to get 10th in her age group.
- Logan with a 1.66s PB for 15th in his age group.
- Grace, Emma, Amber, and Gina placed 3rd in their heat and were a huge 5.01s under their seed time! Final heat to be swum tonight and determine overall place.

September 2017

Saturday's Ace Chocolate Carnival

Only one more sleep until hundreds of chocolate bars are up for grabs at the annual Ace Chocolate Carnival.

Good luck to everyone who is taking part and if you're looking for the meet programme, you can find it below.

Waikato Relay Trophy Winners

In a recent email, we highlighted the challenges that had arisen as a result of the Championship Relay Trophies being included in the programme for our 2017 Waikato Relay Meet.

Our Board has discussed this issue at length and whilst we acknowledge that these trophies should be awarded from a Championship meet, our intention to host a FUN and INCLUSIVE meet that enabled these events to be contested in an exciting and well supported atmosphere was a real positive for our sport.  As a result of our discussions, and seeing these relay events were included in the Meet Flyer, we have agreed that in 2017 we will award the Trophies to the swimmers who entered the meet with the intention of contesting these trophies.

Congratulations to the following Clubs and Swimmers who will be awarded these Trophies at our 2018 Swimming Waikato Awards Evening.

Noumean Trophy:  St Peters Swimming Club – Luke Mitchell, Dan Caldwell, Jackson Caldwell, Thomas Raymond

McNamara Trophy:  Fairfield Swimming Club – Sophie Lewis, Kaitlyn Sosa, Peyton Tofaeono, Claudia Ashby

Thames Cup: St Pauls Swimming Club – Ben Littlejohn, Sarah Miller, Charlize Tordoff, Ciaran Watson

Little Adam & Evette Trophy:  Ciaran Watson (St Pauls) and Amelia Glover (St Peters)

Adam & Eve Trophy:   Grace Soo Choon (Hillcrest) and Dan Caldwell (St Peters)

Jacobs Cup:  St Peters Swimming Club – Mathew Peacock, Savanna Bourke, Spencer Cleland, Isabella Wilson