2018 Kick Start Camp

Hopefully you have all seen our Coach Development Pathway which was circulated to our Clubs earlier this year (copy attached).  The Pathway is available for all our Coaches who have achieved their Teacher of Competitive Strokes (TOCs)  qualification and one of the key development opportunities for our TOCs Coaches is the opportunity to attend our Kick Start Camp which is taking place on 12 to 14 October 2018 – check out the attached flyer for more details.

This camp replaces the SportsForce Camp that Chris Jolly used to deliver to our rural / summer only clubs, except we’re taking it one step further.  Led by our Hub Head Coach, Darren Ward, the camp is available for any Coach who has achieved the TOCs qualification and provides an opportunity for our coaches, and a group of their swimmers, to ‘kick start’ the season with a live in camp which will deliver –

  • education and info sharing sessions for the coaches
  • technique sessions for the swimmers (who will be nominated to attend by their club coaches)
  • an opportunity to attend the Hillcrest Festival meet on Sunday the 14th of October

Seeing this is the first year of our Coach Development Pathway, and we’re aware that it was introduced when many of our summer only clubs were out of the water, we are happy to facilitate the delivery of a TOCs course during the camp weekend.  The TOCs course is delivered by Swimming New Zealand and there is a cost per coach of $200 (+ GST).  The course details are attached for your information.  Please note that Coaches who do not have their TOCs qualification, and are not interested in gaining this qualification during the camp, will not be able to attend.  Swimmers will not be able to attend unless there is at least one coach from their club taking part.

If you have any questions about this Coach and swimmer development opportunity, or to book your space on the camp, please contact