Our first IPP Camp for 2018

Over the Queens Birthday weekend break, rather than taking time away from the pool, 21 of our IPP Squad swimmers took part in a three day camp in Cambridge.  The pool sessions were held at the St Peter’s School facility and the swimmers stayed at the Podium Lodge, Cambridge’s newest sport focussed accommodation.

Hub Head Coach Darren Ward put together a busy three day programme which included anthropometric testing, race simulation and presentations from Sports Psych David Galbraith, PJ Williams from the NZ Rugby 7’s team and Waikato Chiefs and Alice Sharples who works with the Waikato Chiefs on their nutrition requirements.

It was a fantastic three days and awesome to get the following feedback from Darren on his first session with many of these swimmers …

One of the real positives from the IPP Camp was the approach of our more senior swimmers; I felt they led by example over the three days.
My concern was that they would bring an “I know everything already” approach to the camp but this was far from the case.

A special mention of Claudia Ashby, Andrew Jeffcoat, Luke Mitchell and Paige Flynn – I felt these four swimmers were a hugely positive influence on the squad as they took on each and every challenge set before them. They encouraged the swimmers and helped prepare them for the race-simulation, these are exactly the types of role models we need in the sport.

A huge thank you also to Ken Nixon, Graham Smith, Helen Barr, Alison Fitch and Matt Teokotai White who helped support the swimmers throughout the Race Simulation, it allowed us to provide more constructive race feedback to the swimmers. In future I would like to see more of our coaches supporting these camps, they provide a huge learning opportunity for everyone involved.

Overall, I was very pleased with the standard of swimming during the simulation; we had a huge number of personal best times over the weekend.  It was interesting to see how certain swimmers really stepped up for this Camp, even though some had been at the Pathway camp which was hosted just a few weeks earlier.  A few examples (not an exhaustive list) of these are below:

Tyler Tapper (400 Free)
Entered on a 4:19.77, Pathway Camp = 4:23.56, IPP Camp =4:16.21

Laura Littlejohn (200 Free)
Entered on a 2:21.45, Pathway Camp = 2:18.83, IPP Camp = 2:15.78

Amelia Glover (200 Free)
Entered on a 2:13.99, Pathway Camp 2,15:87, IPP Camp = 2,12.69

The Race-Sim was not so much about the times but how the swimmers approached the race and the race itself.   I feel that there was a big step-up in attitude and performance from the 2nd evening of swims from the Pathway Squad and as a result the pre-swim dynamic warm up and pool warm ups were much better conducted.

I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with these swimmers throughout 2018.  

In 2019, our current squad structure will be superceded by our Swimmer Development Pathway which gives all our swimmers the opportunity to qualify for our three squads – Pathway / Potential / TAPs.  You can read about the Pathway here.